Klantgericht corresponderen in het Engels

That’s right!

Sometimes you want to begin differently than ‘in response to…’. You would also like to finish with something different than ‘hoping to have provided you with sufficient information’. On the other hand you do want to keep your e-mail or letter business-like. In the course of an intensive, practical, and enjoyable day you are taught how to compose a letter or e-mail using the correct tone of voice and with the desired result.

The following subjects are usually dealt with in our e-mail and writing training. Together with you we ensure that the contents fit your goals perfectly.

  • addressing
  • salutation
  • subject
  • structure (opening, details, action/addition, closure)
  • subtitles
  • paragraphing
  • word order and length of sentences
  • customer-orientated writing (active, positive, modern, short and to-the-point).
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